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PAYDAY 2: Update 166.1 & VR Beta 1.2

By 2017-11-23PAYDAY 2

Happy Thanksgiving Heisters

We are happy to bring the VR beta back online one day earlier than originally planned. After yesterdays update to the main game the beta is now synced up and ready for you. Alongside a few fixes we also added a few extra heists as well.

Earlier today we added a hotfix to the main game as well as fixing some issues that appeared during the evening.

Hope you all are having a great holiday and keep those helmets flying.

Turkey and Heisting!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

VR Beta 1.2 Update Changelog

Update sizes:
Main Branch to Beta 1.2 – 129.5 mb


  • Added Transport: Crossroads
  • Added Transport: Downtown
  • Added Transport: Harbor
  • Added Transport: Park
  • Added Transport: Underpass
  • Added Big Oil
  • Added Mallcrasher
  • Added Ethan and Hila
  • Added the Tag Team Perk Deck
  • Added the Great Ruler Melee Weapon


  • Fixed a “divide by 0” crash that caused some players to not be able to every start the game
  • Fixed an issue where the stop hand icon and interaction circles was not visible through walls
  • Tweaked the controls to climb ladders
  • Changed the adaptive quality setting, it will now default to 140% of supersampling quality level when turned off
  • Increased resolution of the game image in the pause menu and custody screen


  • Fixed an issue where laser pointer was not disabled properly when switching hand in the menu
  • Fixed an issue where the belt did not switch sides when choosing a different weapon hand during game play
  • Fixed an issue where the reload system did not change when choosing a different setting during game play
  • Fixed an issue where Dallas would spawn in the main menu before the players chosen character would appear
  • Implement name labels in the VR lobby
  • Moved the characters in the VR lobby slightly closer to the player


  • Fixed tased state so it properly shoots from the weapon, and fires both weapons when using akimbo
  • Added a small amount of damage to weapon butt hits
  • Fixed an issue where switching weapons would use the wrong grip settings

Update 166.1 Changelog

Update size: 16.5 MB


  • Fixed a visual issue on Diamond Heist while playing as Hila
  • Fixed and issue with throwables with a cooldown that caused them to be replenished when using the Fully Loaded skill
  • Fixed an issue where arrows was given low velocity in third person for clients

Adaptive Quality

Adaptive quality is a system that, when you play the game, will adjust the render resolution to a range between 85%-140% of the resolution of the HMD. The system is designed to try and keep a steady 90 fps for a comfortable VR experience. This will give better quality visuals on stronger machines.

Via: Steam Community