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PAYDAY 2 VR is now finally live.

By 2017-11-16PAYDAY 2


Heisting has never been this real

It’s here! The first beta period of PAYDAY 2 VR is now live. We are happy to give all PAYDAY 2 owners the chance to take part in this new way to heist with your friends.

Check out this awesome trailer we have for you here!

PAYDAY 2 VR will be patched into the main game during 2018. You now have the opportunity to try it out for yourself in the beta branch.
Find out more on how to gain access to the beta here.
We have also added a new VR Beta sub forum.
In this forum you can also find a breakdown of the controls.

So spin up your Vive HMDs and lets heist in glorious stereoscopic vision.

VR Beta 01 Update size
Main Branch to Beta Branch:140,7 mb

Cloakers are much scarier now, much much scarier.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community