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PAYDAY2: Community Armor Safe 1 and VR Beta 1.3

By 2017-11-30PAYDAY 2


Let’s dress for heisting

It’s time to bring you guys some new threads. Today, we give you the first Community Armor Safe, full of skins created by talented artist for our worldwide heisting crew. We have delved into the Steam Workshop and found six awesome looking armors for you. Will you heist ironically wearing the GenSec logo on your chest or eliminate all doubt of who you are with the Slayer armor?

VR Beta 1.3

This week we were able to release the Beta alongside the regular update. We are bringing some updates to the Oculus movement system. We are adding functionality for the player to rotate. This will help when playing the game in 180 degrees instead of room scale. Oculus also get improved dash controls where you simply put your finger on the joystick to activate the targeting line and pushing it forward will activate the dash. We also worked on the ladders to improve the system and make it feel more intuitive in correlation to the dash system.

We have worked on the weapon grip functionality so that you can now choose to toggle it on and off and won’t need to hold the grip buttons to hold the weapon in two hands. While working on the weapons grips we also looked over some weapons making it easier for left handed players to grip these weapons.

Halloween Heists

We’ve decided to leave both the Safe House Nightmare and the Cursed Kill Room permanently in the game. This is partially due to public request, but also since we feel that people really enjoy them and they therefore add value to your everyday heisting life!

Balance Tweaks

Alongside the Community Armor Safe we are also bringing a bunch of weapon, Perk Deck and heist tweaks. We took a closer look at the current usage of our weapons and Perk Decks and adjusted a few of them to make everything more even.
Here you can read about the reasoning behind some the more impactful tweaks.

The Flamethrower felt unreliable as a weapon. To resolve this issue we have increased the chances of setting enemies ablaze, as well as making the damage over time from the fire do similar damage, but over a shorter duration.

The Judge Shotgun
We want to keep the high power potential of The Judge while giving it some drawback with a more limited ammunition pick up ratio.

5/7 AP Pistol
The accuracy and stability were lowered to compensate for the 5/7 AP Pistol being the only Secondary to have the innate ability to pierce through shields and enemies.

Perk Decks
The Gambler, Sociopath and Infiltrator Perk Decks were suffering from the possibility of being taken down with one-shot from enemies. We have increased their basic resilience and made a couple of other changes to make their playstyle more viable.

For Stoic, our goal is to make the user take more direct damage. The Perk Deck should be as strong as before, but the player will have to be more careful.

Big Bank
The Bus Escape is currently the best pre planning option by far for loud heisting. Lowering the cost of The Elevator Trick and C4 Tunneling Escape would allow the player to take the Thermite as well. Our goal is to make those two other options more competitive with the Bus Escape.

Suit up friends, it’s heisting time!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 201.7 MB

Update 167 Changelog


  • Added Loading screen trivia for Sangres, Duke, Ethan and Hila
  • Fixed an issue with Ethan’s shoulder being visible when using the KSP58 LMG and maximum FOV
  • Fixed an issue with the outline of Hila’s head when she joined a heist as a drop-in client



    • Ammo pick up increased by 666%
    • Effective damage per second is increased by 220%
    • Burn effect duration is decreased to 1.5 seconds (down from 6)
    • Burn effect trigger chance is increased by 40%


    • Concealment is decreased to 5 (down from 28)

    The Judge Shotgun

    • Ammo pick up is reduced by approximately 20%
    • The total ammo is increased to 40 (up from 25)

    Heather Submachine Gun

    • Stability is increased to 52 (up from 44)
    • Concealment is increased to 28 (up from 25)
    • The recoil pattern was tweaked to be easier to control and more predictable for the player

    5/7 AP Pistol

    • Stability is decreased to 36 (down from 52)
    • Accuracy is decreased to 48 (down from 64)

    Jackal SMG

    • Fixed the alignment of The Professional’s Choice Sight

Perk Decks


    • Stoic damage over-time duration is now dealt over 12 second (down from 16)


    • The 3rd Perk “Ammo Give Out” now also increases your health by 20%
    • The 5th Perk “Sharing Is Caring” now also increases your health by 20%
    • Medical Supplies can now be triggered every 3 seconds (down from 4)


    • “OVERDOG” Perk is moved from 7th place to 1st Perk
    • “Basic Close Combat” Perk is moved from 1st to 3rd Perk
    • “Advanced Close Combat” Perk is moved from 3rd to 5th Perk
    • “Expert Close Combat” Perk is moved from 5th to 7th Perk
    • “OVERDOG” damage reduction is increased to 12% (up from 8%)
    • “OVERDOG” melee damage boost now activates on your second and each consecutive melee hit with 1 second of the last one and will deal 10 time its normal damage
    • “Basic, Advanced and Expert Close Combat” damage reduction is increased to 8% each (up from 6%)


    • The “No Talk” Perk is replaced with the “OVERDOG” Perk
    • The “Tension” Perk now also increases armor by 10%
    • The “Clean Hit” Perk now also reduces the damage received by 8% when within medium range of an enemy
    • The “Overdose” Perk now also increase armor by 10%

    Tag Team

    • Activation range is increased to 18 meters (up from 10)
    • The effect should now be easier to activate
    • Each enemy you kill now extend the duration of the effect by 1.3 seconds (up from 0.6)
    • Fix lingering effect on tagged player


    Big Bank

    • The Preplanning asset “The Elevator Trick” favor cost is decreased to 3 (down from 6)
    • The Preplanning asset “C4 Tunneling” favor cost is decreased to 3 (down from 6)
    • The Preplanning assets “Thermite” favor cost is decreased to 5 (down from 8)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with the bandit barrier as the host drops out
    • Fixed so that players can no longer get stuck behind a lamp and door by the entrance

    Big Oil

    • Fixed so that players can’t get stuck inside the wall beside the tall safe

    Biker Heist

    • Fixed so that the mechanic continues to work after being interrupted

    Birth Of Sky

    • Fixed so that you can no longer see through the dinosaur on top of the gas station
    • Fixed so that you can no longer trigger the flare through the roof of the diner

    Car Shop

    • Fixed so that the computers won’t work if an ECM is being used

    Diamond Heist

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the zipline not to spawn if you break stealth at a certain point

    Election Day

    • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck between the drill and a wall in the Warehouse

    Framing Frame

    • Added ragdoll collision on the stairs outside of the bathrooms in day 1 so that the guards won’t fall through them when they are killed, making the players unable to answer their pager
    • Fixed so that 2 AI’s do not stand in the same spot while idling on day 2
    • Switched places of one of the security cameras which wouldn’t be able to display the vault door on day 3

    Goat Simulator

    • Fixed an issue where players could use explosive rounds to duplicate goats by the secure zone on day 1
    • Fixed so that players have to put out the fire to get to the goat in the burning building

    Heat Street

    • Fixed a specific piece of curb that the player could not cross without jumping

    Hotline Miami

    • Fixed collision behind the chairs on the right balcony on day 2 so that players don’t get stuck

    Jewelry Store

    • Removed helicopters that didnt do anything

    Murky Station

    • Fixed so that players can’t throw bags behind the grates in the sewers


    • Fixed so that you can no longer jump out of the level if you buy the Vantage Point asset on day 1

    New Safehouse

    • Adjusted Ethan’s animations while he is sitting on the couch

    Safe House Raid

    • Fixed an issue with cops going through the fence instead of climbing over


    • Fixed portals on the level in the container area

    The Diamond

    • Fixed so that enemies can navigate in the World War 2 room in the museum instead of standing outside in the corridor


    • Fixed collision on day 1 so that bags don’t get stuck
    • Fixed navigation for the AI on day 1 so that they can jump both ways across the broken bridge

    Yacht Heist

    • Fixed so that the player will no longer get stuck between a shelf and a box in the basement
    • Fixed so that you can no longer shoot guards out of the closed windows on the top floor making it impossible to answer their pagers

Update sizes:
Main Branch to Beta 1.3 – 133.2MB
Beta 1.2 to Beta 1.3 – 278.1 MB

Update 167 Changelog


  • Improved the ladder control system
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Flashbang distortions
  • Improved the visuals of the menu laser


  • Added the ability to use the Saws
  • Adjusted grip points for left handed player
  • Added a grip toggle system for holding weapons in two hands


  • Improved dash controls for Oculus Touch controllers
  • Added rotate player buttons for Oculus Touch controllers

Via: Steam Community