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PAYDAY2: Update 170 and VR Beta 1.6

By 2018-01-11PAYDAY 2

New Year, More Heisting!

We are back again after the holidays and new year celebrations. We ended last year with a bang and we start the new year with a crimewave over Washington.

Four more levels gets added to the Crime Spree to further expand the roster of levels available to you.


As new levels are added to the rotation any active Crime Sprees will be reset.
You pay continental coins to start again from the same level or claim your reward and start over.

We are also continuing the tweaks we started last year. This time the focus is Special Weapons, Sniper Rifles and some other weapons. The Swan Song skill has also been adjusted.

VR Beta

For VR beta we have improved the Inventory Belt customization. You can now set the location of the boxes and further improve your experience in the game and improve your heisting capabilities.

At the same time we looked over the fadeout system when your head collides with a wall or ceiling. You now have more options to define how you want the game to react.

Last but not least we added a new red dot shader to all non-zoomed red dot sights. This should further increase the realism when you make the helmets fly. This does not affect zoomed sights. You can find a complete list below in the change log.

Special Weapons and Swan Song tweaks

The Rocket Launchers and the Thanatos were originally designed to be the best weapons for dispatching bulldozers. Recently we feel like they have not been competitive enough to compensate for the drawbacks they bring with them. For this reason we are raising their damage to reduce how many shots they need to kill Bulldozers.
While we like the way Swan Song works, it is often viewed as a mandatory skill for the One Down difficulty due to how strong of a counter it is to the one down mechanic. With the reduced duration the player will have to work harder to make the most out of the skill.

To a new heisting year of loot and gunfire.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update sizes:
Update 170: 152MB
Update 170 to VR Beta 1.6: 96.7MB
VR Beta 1.52 to VR Beta 1.6: 173.4MB

Update 170

Crime Spree

  • Added Brooklyn Bank Heist to the Crime Spree rotation
  • Added Alaskan Deal to the Crime Spree rotation
  • Added Reservoir Dogs: Garnet Group Boutique to the Crime Spree rotation
  • Added Reservoir Dogs: Highland Mortuary to the Crime Spree rotation


  • Updated the crimenet loading screen hints with the new interface
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck on debris from the SWAT turret
  • Fixed an issue with Ethans health being to low on the One Down difficulty when having him as team AI


  • Removed an Ethan line where he mentions Cloaker instead of intended Bulldozer.


  • Arbiter and China Puff
    • Fixed the weapons to use the intended damage values
  • Interceptor 45
    • Fixed so that the red dot sight is not misaligned if you use the expert slide
  • HRL-7 Rocket Launcher
    • Rocket damage increased to 12500 (up from 10000)
  • Commando 101 Rocket Launcher
    • Rocket damage increased to 6200 (up from 5000)
  • Thanatos .50 cal Sniper Rifle
    • Bullet damage increased to 3500 (up from 2800)
  • DMR Kits Weapon Mods
    • Ammo pick up has normalised to reliable pick up one bullet per box
  • Broomstick Pistol – Precision Barrel
    • Ammo pick up has normalised to reliable pick up one bullet per box
  • Galant Rifle
    • Ammo pick up decreased by 20%
  • M308 Rifle
    • Ammo pick up decreased by 20%
  • Cavity 9mm
    • Ammo pick up decreased by 20%
  • Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle
    • Ammo pick up decreased by 20%
  • STRYK 18c Pistol
    • The recoil pattern was tweaked to be easier to control and more predictable for the player
    • The camera shake effect has been reduced
  • The Judge Shotgun
    • Total Ammo decreased to 35 (down from 40)


  • Swan Song – Aced
    • Skill duration bonus is reduced to 3 seconds. (down from 6)


  • Alaskan Deal
    • Replaced a door in the level that opened in to water
    • Fixed a spot where bags could be thrown out of the level
  • Beneath The Mountain
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the vault area
    • Fixed so that bags no longer fall off the helipad
  • Big Bank
    • Fixed so that you can no longer use the button to open the vault from the outside
  • Biker Heist
    • Made a tweak so that the bikes should no longer flip over or get stuck when colliding with each other
  • Brooklyn Bank
    • Fixed an issue where cops would climb through the fence on the second floor inside the bank
    • Fixed so that enemies won’t spawn on the second floor until the player has access to that area
    • Fixed so that the crescent windows in the bank break when cops jump through them
    • Added VO to the escape driver
    • Added waypoints to the winch parts
    • The thermite VO now only plays once that objective has been started.
    • Fixed several issues with portals, occluders and lod steps on the level
    • Fixed an issue where one blue swat would spawn on higher difficulties
    • Fixed an issue with floating graffiti on a door
    • Fixed an issue where players could lock pick the strongbox under the floor before the c4 had detonated
    • Moved one of the lance drill outwards a little bit to not clip with the door
    • Fixed an issue with floating papers on a desk inside the bank
    • Fixed so that the laptop on the second floor now has the text "hold F to hack" instead of "place the laptop"
  • Car Shop
    • Added collision behind a door close to the water cooler to prevent the player from getting stuck
  • Diamond Heist
    • Fixed an issue where the alarm would not go off if you broke the glass of the display cases after you had opened them with a glass cutter
    • Fixed the issue where the stealth secure zone sometimes wouldn’t be disabled when going loud
    • Fixed an issue where you could not pick up a certain bag
    • Fixed an issue where AI could walk through a glass window
  • Firestarter
    • Fixed the issue where money wound count as weapons destroyed
  • Golden Grin Casino
    • Fixed so that it no longer takes 50 seconds or more to pick up the sleeping gas
  • Heat Street
    • Fixed so that you no can no longer climb the trees by the crash site
    • Moved a trashcan where the player could get stuck on the way to the crash site
    • Added tinted windows on the crashed van
  • Jewelry Store
    • Fixed so that the animation for the police cars entering the level has the wheels in the right place
  • New Safe House
    • Fixed issue where client could interact with one of Dukes paintings on tier 3 of his safehouse "room"
  • Nightclub
    • Added collision to prevent bags from getting stuck on a ledge above the safe
  • Prison Nightmare
    • Fixed so that you can no longer get pushed out of the level when opening a warhead crate
  • Reservoir Dogs
    • Fixed an issue where "Defend the warehouse" objective would never end in rare occasions on day 1
    • Fixed portal issues on day 2
  • Shadow Raid
    • Fixed an issue where the team AI would walk around the level after player drops out
  • Slaughterhouse
    • Turned a container around so that the correct doors open to prevent enemies from clipping through it
    • Resized some portals to prevent objects from popping in and out
  • The Bomb: Dockyard
    • Fixed so that you can no longer shoot guards so that they end up on pipes and cannot be interacted with anymore
  • The Diamond
    • Removed a Bain line from The Diamond that mentions that "the cops have the MALL locked down".

    VR Beta 1.51 Changelog


    • Removed christmas tree from lobby room
    • Improved inventory belt customization
    • Improved wall collision fadeout options

    Red Dot Sights

    • Improved the The Professional’s Choice Sight
    • Improved the Surgeon Sight
    • Improved the See More Sight
    • Improved the Compact Holosight
    • Improved the Speculator Sight
    • Improved the Trigonom Sight
    • Improved the Solar Sight
    • Improved the Pistol Red Dot Sight
    • Improved the 45 degree red-dot Gadget
    • Improved the Riktpunkt 45 degree Gadget


    • Added Boiling Point
    • Added Counterfeit
    • Added Election Day
    • Added Hotline Miami
    • Added Hoxton Revenge
    • Added Panic Room
    • Added Scarface Mansion
    • Added Shadow Raid
    • Added Transport: Train heist
    • Added Undercover

Via: Steam Community