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They record everything you do… they keep track.

By 2018-04-25PAYDAY 2

Spring Break Day 3 and SkepticBoi is still going strong on his site. He even has gotten quite a following too. However, it seems like he’s getting into some really hot water. We just hope he’s not in over his head. What do you think he’ll get up to next:thesecretisreallyreal[]

But now for something completely unrelated. We have a new update with some goodies for you. Today we bring you many new challenges and lots of cool rewards to strive for.

From the Community for the Community

We dug through a lot of your threads and posts with achievement suggestions and let our dear moderator team pick their favorites. Going live today are 36 great new achievements from all around the forums; perhaps you might even find one of yours in there.

In addition to the achievements we also added 43 side jobs, and moved the Side Jobs menu out of the Safe House into CrimeNet to make it easier for you to find the latest challenges. Three lucky heisters have even gotten their achievement suggestion turned into new side jobs as well. In fact, we did an extra push of Side Jobs with today’s release so you might see some additional entries. Last but not least- to celebrate the new challenges we added additional rewards for weekly side jobs as well. This gives you more opportunities to get your hands on some rare masks.

First up is Duke who brings you a Mega Version of his mask free to all players. Alongside this badass mask he brings a new safe. He filled it to the brim with old and beautiful weapons that have surely stood the test of time. Check out these awesome antiques. Which one is your favorite?

With the new Achievements in today’s release we also add a new milestone for anyone who can manage to unlock 1000 or more achievements. Should be easy, right? Reaching this Epic level of heisting will grant you a new kickass mask, a full skin set for your armor and every skinnable weapon in the game. Naturally, any upcoming weapon will also be compatible with this skin.

Last week we changed our Ultimate Edition setup. The PAYDAY 2: Base Game is now available to buy & gift again for a reduced price of $9.99. PAYDAY: The Heist, PAYDAY 2: Base Game and PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition are now also on sale, so don’t miss out. Last but not least, the Base Game is Free-to-Play for the whole duration of the event, so lets go heisting!

We also want to draw additional attention to the ongoing Police Report Contest.
Come in and write a police report about your most epic moment of heisting. Perhaps you feel like sharing your most spectacular failure, or why not tell us about that time when that thing happened which was just the funniest ever, right? Or I guess you had to have been there.

Tomorrow you will have the opportunity to ask a few questions to our writer OVERKILL_Wordsmith so get all your lore questions ready he might have some answers for you, maybe ;)
We are already collecting the questions here:
So jump in and ask away.

Time for a Mega update.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 177 Changelog

Update size: 269.1 Mb

Breakin’ Feds

  • Implemented new interaction sounds for Garrett´s office
  • Fixed laptop interaction issues
  • Fixed issue with Garrett returning too early from the corridor
  • Added the level to stealth only list


  • Killing an enemy will now properly reduce the cooldown of the Sicario Smoke Bomb

Via: Steam Community