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PAYDAY 2: Update 181

By 2018-06-14PAYDAY 2

Here comes round #2 of our spring clean up, this time with more than 60 fixes and tweaks. From now on you need to be more careful while trading hostages, since your trade-able hostage is not invulnerable anymore. This change was made since players could get into the situation that the picked hostage was outside of the playable area and therefore out of reach. On the plus side, you can now use the pool ladder on Big Oil Day 2!

Stay frosty,
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 181.0 Changelog

Update size: 135.6 Mb


  • Fixed an issue with some levels and difficulties granting completion of achievements that they shouldn’t
  • The auto-kick will now trigger on overuse of all throwables
  • Pausing and unpausing will no longer break your jump momentum when playing in Offline mode
  • Fixed an issue with clients being unable to interact with ECM Jammers properly
  • The ECM feedback is no longer exclusively useable for the player that deployed the ECM Jammer
  • Tradable hostages can now be killed
  • Fixed an issue where assets bought after switching profile in the Job Overview would not spawn
  • Fixed so the material Rosewood Pink use the correct texture
  • Fixed a typo on the description for the Prospect in the Biker Perk Deck
  • Fixed so the sound queue for the Trophies don’t play for already earned Trophies
  • Removed the Payday 2 logotype from the preview screen
  • The trophy “Ultimate Heister” no longer refers to the One Down difficulty
  • Updated the Assault fade to avoid them being excessively long
  • Spawn animations will no longer pre spawn a collision for the AI


  • Added Henry’s Rock and Breakin’ Feds to the levels required for the difficulty achievements
  • Fixed a typo on the achievement description for “Blood Diamond”


  • Fixed an issue where dead enemies would activate Underdog for clients
  • Fixed a crash related to leaving a game when in custody with Stockholm Syndrome Aced


  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Ergo Grip on the Chimano Custom Pistol
  • Fixed an issue with the intimidate animation for Akimbo Micro Uzi Submachine Guns
  • Fixed the glass material on the Tactical Flashlight melee weapon
  • Fixed so the XL 5.56 Microgun is properly hidden if the player is downed by a Cloaker


  • Alaskan Deal
    • Fixed some briefcases clipping with other props
    • Removed some planks that were clipping with the fuel tank
    • Relocated a floating pile of debris
  • Alesso
    • Moved a plant that was clipping through a wall
    • Removed a stack of boxes that spawned in the same location as another stack of boxes
    • Moved a poster that caused a z-fighting with the wallpaint
    • Fixed so that the achievement “Fuck it, we’re walking” can’t be obtained in Stealth
  • Big Bank
    • Fixed a gap in the wall by the entrance to the bank tellers area
  • Big Oil Day 2
    • Fixed some seams on the walls
    • Made the pool ladder climbable
    • Added two missing windows by the exit to the terrace
  • Brooklyn Bank
    • Fixed z-fighting on the wall to the left of one of the ATM’s
  • Escape: Overpass
    • Fixed some VO giving misleading information related to the point of no return
    • Fixed fire hurt area being enabled at the wrong time
    • Disabled interaction on fence props near helicopter escape
  • Go Bank
    • Fixed so the correct interaction text is used for the car trunk interactions
  • Golden Grin Casino
    • Covered some holes in the walls around the reception area
  • Henry’s Rock
    • Added missing collisions in the cliffside in the helicopter pad area
    • The batteries are no longer counting as additional loot
  • Hotline Miami Day 1
    • Moved a car that was clipping with a building
    • Raised the bag limit as it was set too low
  • Hoxton Breakout Day 1
    • Fixed a z-fighting issue on one of the buildings
  • Hoxton Breakout Day 2
    • Removed excessive hinges on a door
  • Branch Bank
    • Fixed the collision on the roof walkway railing
  • Reservoir Dogs Day 2
    • Fixed a typo on the word “Nitrogen”
    • Added two extra Liquid Nitrogen canisters
  • Safe House
    • Fixed the collisions on the lounge chairs as they were too big
    • Fixed the collisions on the spray cans as they were too big
    • Visually updated the animal masks that had broken textures
    • Fixed some collisions around the shooting range
  • Santa’s Workshop
    • Team AI will now wait in their designated areas during Casing mode
    • Fixed an issue where a table blocked the AI from going up the stairs
  • Scarface Mansion
    • Fixed a broken collision on the terrace wall
    • Fixed an occluder issue with some carpets
  • Shadow Raid
    • The guard by the waterfront will no longer play a door breaching animation when he shouldn’t
  • Slaughterhouse
    • Dozers will no longer get stuck behind the garage doors
    • Dozers and Shields are now able to get down from all the containers
  • White X-mas
    • Removed misaligned graffiti
    • The loot drop will now use the correct waypoint icon

Via: Steam Community