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By 2018-10-18PAYDAY 2

Heisters, underground rumors say there are things about to happen. Big things! We can’t say much yet but shit is about to get real if those rumors are true. I guess we will know more when the time comes.


Crimefest 2018 will start on the 25th of October and will follow the same structure as our last events, meaning content every other day. For everyone who can’t wait, it looks like someone at CNM actually has a reliable source so check out their website: CNM – BREAKING NEWS[]

PAYDAY: The Heist 7th Anniversary

Has it really been 7 years since we robbed our First (World) Bank together? I remember it like it was yesterday, or wasn’t it just yesterday? Who knows, and who cares as long as we have fun doing it. To celebrate this event we release the Golden Hoxton Mask!

Last but not least, let’s celebrate with some discounts! You are missing crew members? Now is the best time to gift PAYDAY 2 while it is on a 50% discount! Still haven’t unlocked the full potential? PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is now on a never seen before 85% discount.

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Update 188 Changelog

Update size: 32.0 Mb


  • Fixed an issue with the minigun dozer’s faceplate
  • Fixed an issue with Joy’s mask
  • Updated the billboards on Branch Bank and Jewelry Store

Via: Steam Community