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By 2018-11-06PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters

We’ve seen a great Crimefest event come and go, and want to thank everyone that took part in making this event one to be remembered in the PAYDAY legacy.

It’s been wonderful to see how many of you joined the fight to free Bain from the clutches of Kataru, and pulled off the Greatest Heist of All ;)

As PAYDAY 2 ‘s main story has been successfully concluded, we now keep working on fixing bugs and polishing the game, for the near future.
Across the office hallway, our brothers in arms have just today released OVERKILL’s latest addition to our co-op lineup; OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead!

Tonight the Walking Dead team here at OVERKILL will be throwing a huge stream for the launch of the new adventure at 2pm PT or 11pm CET over on

We would love for you to check it out. We have a lineup of great streamers to play OTWD live. Watch shroud, JGhosty, Anne Munition, and AngryPug as they will face a new kind of co-op challenge.

Its always been great to see you guys so passionate in PAYDAY – never stop having fun. As more and more of you unlock the secret, we are working to add an additional reward for anyone who can reach the last vault. Here’s a little work-in-progress sneak peek for you, look forward to the update soon. We will see you in the forums for continued discussions and communication about our beloved PADYAY 2 and more.

Thanks again for everything! Keep those helmets flyin!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community