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Happy Heisting Holidays

By 2018-12-20PAYDAY 2


Hello Heisters

We bring you a small Winter Holiday Update with some fixes, for example: tweaks to achievements and the White House chopper intro. There is alsoa tweak to the secret in there for all you solo player and heisting crews with less than four players.

Veron Locke

A month ago we asked you if you wanted to see an update to the Locke model to look like the voice actor, Ian Russell, who also played Locke in the films we created for Crimefest. The votes were almost 17 to 1 in favor of the update. With such a landslide victory we have now added Ian (and his glorious mustache) to the game and contact videos.


Finally, we have something for our Virtual Heisters. Bows are now available, as well as a virtual keyboard that helps communication if you don’t want to use voice chat. Last but not least, we added procedural arm movement so your teammates can see you flailing your arms about in real time. This can (of course) be turned off if you do not want them to see you frantically waving as a Cloaker charges you.

Holiday Spirits

Do you want to use the awesome image above as a desktop wallpaper or a heartfelt greeting card? Fret not dear heister, you can find the image here:
With the seasonal greeting[]
Or here:
Without the seasonal greeting[]

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Merry Heistmas!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 197 Changelog

Update size: 99.1MB


  • Updated the character model for Vernon Locke
  • Updated the contact videos for Vernon Locke
  • Updated rich presence strings and functionality for steam


  • Changed the requirements for the secret; it can now be activated by any number of players, as long as everyone is "worthy”
  • Added an homage plaque to the grotto by the secret
  • Added an homage plaque in the safe house
  • Possible fix for an issue where clients would fall out of the helicopter at the beginning of the White House heist


  • Added the No Mercy heist to the achievements for completing all classic heists and completing all heists
  • Added the Hell’s Island, Shacklethorne Auction and The White House heists to the achievements for completing all Locke heists and completing all heists


  • Implemented Bow support
  • Implemented procedural arm animation for VR players in 3rd person
  • Implemented a virtual keyboard
  • Fixed the sheath for Kento’s knife, it is now hidden for VR players in 1st person
  • Adjusted and rotated the position for Kento’s knife for VR players in 1st person
  • Optimized VR rendering and added hidden area masking optimization for supported VR headsets

Via: Steam Community