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Introducing the OVERKILL Partner Program

By 2020-02-28March 2nd, 2020PAYDAY 2

Hello Heisters.

We’re excited to introduce you to the pilot of our new program; OVERKILL Partners. This is a new program aimed to facilitate a closer dialogue with dedicated content creators to help take their content to the next level.

Meet our first OVERKILL Partners

Red Archer Live

Hi! My name’s Troy, also known as Red Archer Live. Over on my YouTube channel, I discuss news & game updates with the community, make funny moments videos, edits and lots more for Payday 2 on PC AND Consoles. I also stream a whole host of games, too! I hope you like what you see!


The Rusty Chains

We’re The Rusty Chains. We’re a group of close friends who love to discuss games and movies with each other and with you. We hope to entertain you with our brilliant (or incredibly stupid) heisting antics!



I’m M0rtifer and on my YouTube channel you can find PAYDAY 2 guides, speedruns and challenging stealth gameplay. I also stream on twitch from time to time.



Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, a fellow Wolf main that started with Payday: The Heist on the PS3 back in 2011. Currently streaming over at Twitch either Heisting, Trophy Hunting or even some IRL on occasion.


What does being an “OVERKILL Partner” mean?

Being part of our program gives partners:
– A direct contact with us developers, for feedback, bug reports and other things.
– Where possible, an early peek at upcoming content
– DLC codes to give away to their communities
– A shiny new badge to show your status

But wait, how can I apply to this program?

While this program is still being trialed, we are not accepting applications for new partners. We are however continuously monitoring our community. If you have a recommendation, feel free to highlight someone you enjoy following that you’d like to see as a part of the partnership program in our usual channels.
Steam Forums:

Do consider dropping a follow for our partners to get their perspectives on anything PAYDAY related. Happy Heisting!

Much love,