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PAYDAY 2: Little heisters’ Holiday!

By 2020-12-16PAYDAY 2
‘Tis the season for taking

With the snow heavy on the roof of the buildings all over Washington DC, a strange figure is seen creeping around the neighborhood. He has a big sack of loot and he is bringing it back to the safe house. Gather close my dear heisters and see what he has for you. There are some awesome gifts for all the naughty heisters out there.

Gift of the year

Is there anything that says December 2020 more than a mask? No, no there isn’t. That is why we’ll start off this update with some masks, more masks, and even more masks. Did you notice the cool-looking masks in Buluc’s Mansion? Well, now you can wear them as well. We bring all 8 masks straight into your inventory.

Did you think 8 more masks were a lot of masks? We didn’t. Were you happy with normal masks? We weren’t. We bring you one extra mask, a mega special mask to round off our adventures in Mexico. Find some secret presents hidden all over Mexico to unlock the awesome Mega Sangres mask. Can you achieve the feat of finding all the presents?

Looking ahead

There is nothing as cool as a skilled sniper shot, especially if you take the shot without any magnification aid. If you feel iron sights is the way to go when you need to take those extras long shots then you can now equip an iron sight on the “Bernetti Rangehitter Sniper Rifle”.

If you rather want to make sure that every shot counts and want to make sure you hit those sweet headshots every time we get you covered. With a new red dot sight, you can make sure your shots are true and deadly. You can now equip the “Compact Tactical Box Sight” on your favorite weapon and celebrate the holidays in the only way that counts, with a body count.

I need your clothes, your gun and your jingle bells

Do you want your weapons to spew out season-appropriate holiday joy in addition to hot lead? Then we got the weapon color for you. Bring on the festive spirit with the “Winter Cheer” weapon color and spread the joy to someone.

The mysterious seasonal figure might have brought a lot of gifts in this update. But a true heister knows there is always some extra loot. With a new Santa outfit (payday style) you too can feel in tune with the season. The suit comes in two variants "Ho Ho Heister" and "Dirty Santa", they are listed as two separate suits in the interface.

We round off the list of content for this update with a new stinger. You can now choose to use the seasonal appropriate join stinger “Jingle Schwing”. You don’t even need to go infamous to use it.

Heisting through the snow

Any heisters with new toys will want to jump into action and we expect you are no different. May we suggest any of the holiday-themed heists we have in the game. All these heists will give an extra exp bonus if played during the holiday season. This also includes the seasonal versions of Hoxton Breakout and Breakin’ Feds that make a return but also one extra heist that has been decorated for the season.

Normalized Skin Drop Chance

We are normalizing the drop chances of our weapon skins, this will address issues where some skins were very rare despite being of blue or purple tier and some legendaries dropped with higher frequency than lower-tiered skins. From now on you can be sure that any skin will have the same drop chance as any other skin of the same tier, no matter what safe it may come from. Stat-boosted skins will still be rarer than their non-stat-boosted counterparts. For example; this does mean that you have an equal chance to receive a blue skin from Community Safe 4 as you are to receive a blue skin from the Biker Safe.

FBI Files and Skins

All our updates are not confined to the game. Go and check out PAYDAY 2 FBI Files[]. We have added support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as the “Black Market”. FBI uses this nifty feature to keep tabs on the underground market for customized weapons among Washington’s criminals.

You can read more about the holiday update and it’s content as well as see some nice preview images on our website: Little heisters’ Holiday![]

Chains is a red-nosed heister, his mask is really nice.
You’ll need to hit the floor now, he’ll never ask you twice.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 201 Changelog

Update size: 174.7MB


  • Fixed an issue where the effect of night vision goggles would be permanent if attempting to turn off the night vision goggles and picking up a bag at the same time.
  • Changed Japanese translations to use English for job/heist names, character names, difficulties as well as the word Infamy.
  • Change the link used to show what mod a player is using from paydaymods to
  • Fixed an issue where the hair and/or masks would disappear from certain NPC’s when their heads were close to the edge of the screen.
  • Changed the link attached to the tablet in the safehouse from pd2stash to
  • Added the ability to equip angled sights on the default sniper scope.
  • Fixed issues with skins covering the lenses of gadget/laser modules.
  • Tweaked Bernetti pistol sights to be green again.


  • Fixed some clipping issues with the Balaclava mask for Sydney and Houston.
  • Fixed an issue where the heisters arms would be missing while wearing the Repairman outfit.
  • Fixed an issue where the heisters arms would be missing while wearing The Casual Formal outfit.
  • Fixed an issue where the heisters arms would be missing while wearing The Classic outfit.
  • Fixed various issues with the Duelist outfit on certain characters.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Duelist outfit that occurred with certain male characters.
  • Fixed some graphical issues on the Tuxedo outfit when equipped by Bonnie.
  • Fixed graphical issues with the Improved Combined Tactical Vest when equipped by Ethan or Hila.
  • Fixed graphical issues with The Avenging Gunman outfit.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Molten gloves.
  • Fixed graphical issues that occurred when the Molten gloves were equipped with the Impresario outfit.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Cosmos gloves when charging a melee attack.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred with the Cosmos gloves when equipped by Bonnie.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Cosmos gloves that could be seen when using the halt action with Bonnie.


  • Fixed an area on day 1 of The Biker Heist that could possibly soft-lock the player.
  • Fixed a spot behind a couch where players could get stuck on Border Crossing.
  • Added a collision to prevent players from getting stuck between a wall and a chair on Branch Bank.
  • Fixed some waypoints on Buluc’s Mansion for loud gameplay that never appeared after reaching the office.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion with the list prop for the guards that was floating in the air.
  • Added pre-planning costs to assets on Buluc’s Mansion.
  • Prevented cops from spawning near the boat when the front gate spawn is used on Buluc’s Mansion.
  • Added extra AI navigation blockers on Buluc’s Mansion in the closed basement path.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where the player could see through a wall.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion near the office, where loot bags could fall through the floor.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where the gate opening animation would play twice if the swat van arrived while the thermite was burning.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where lamps in the secret meeting room did not sync between host and client.
  • Adjusted the cafeteria spycam location on Buluc’s Mansion.
  • Added collision to a pair of glass doors, located in the inner sanctum on Buluc’s Mansion.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where the keypad numbers, for the wine cellar door, were unreadable in Low/Very Low Texture Quality settings.
  • Fixed a visual effect issue with the flare on Buluc’s Mansion, used to signal the helicopter, for Low/Very Low Texture Quality settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the masks of the guards on Buluc’s Mansion would reduce in quality when the player marked them.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where waypoints to the inner sanctum would appear even after players had already discovered them the entrances.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where a guard’s path would incorrectly lead him to areas that should not be accessible.
  • Fixed an exploit on Counterfeit where the level could be prevented from going loud.
  • Fixed an issue where the fountain on Diamond Heist, would disappear when viewed at certain distances.
  • Updated pre-planning costs of assets on Golden Grin Casino.
  • Fixed an issue on Henry’s Rock where a player could get stuck inside the crate that is delivered by the crane.
  • Fixed a progression blocker on Hoxton Revenge where killing the FBI boss from the basement before opening the vault would not cause the level to go loud.
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where a police officer’s badge was not visible at certain distances.
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the VFX and SFX from drilling a door would remain if the drill was interrupted by a saw.
  • Fixed an issue on Shadow Raid where a guard’s body could fall into an unreachable area, blocking the player from answering the pager.
  • Moved a stack of boxes on Slaughterhouse to prevent players from getting stuck in a container.
  • Fixed an issue on The Big Bank where a vault door could be opened again using a set of keys if previously opened with a saw.
  • Fixed an issue on Car Shop where tied up civilians would clip through walls and be seen from outside the building.
  • Fixed an issue on The White House where a player could get stuck between the cameras in the press room.
  • Fixed a wall missing collision on Alaskan Deal.