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Fill out your PAYDAY Collection! PAYDAY sale starting today!

By 2021-11-24PAYDAY 2

Been itching to find out what happens in the Silk Road chapter? Or maybe you want to experience the trials and tribulations of Vlad from the City of Gold chapter?
Now’s the chance! PAYDAY 2 is on sale with up to 83%discount! Starting today November 24th and running until [December 1st].

Dallas joins the Saints.

In continuation of our collaboration with Deep Silver, a fantastic Dallas Mask has been added to Saints Row: The Third Remastered. The mask is available to all saints who also own PAYDAY 2 on Steam. To celebrate this we are reactivating the Criminal Ambition Bundle where you can pick up both games for a discount. And remember that all owners of both games will also get the “Shady Business” mask and “Saints & Sinners” suit in PAYDAY 2.

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