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PAYDAY 2: Update 217

By 2022-01-26PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

We are working hard on the new updates and lots of fun stuff that is just around the corner. However, you can’t get enough PAYDAY, am I right?

So, we cooked up a little update for you. It has a little bit of this and that, something for everyone. Let’s start at the beginning and have a look at the cool new content. Firstly, we want to help celebrate the new year with our friends in the East, with an awesome new weapon charm. In the update, you will also find a sneak peek at something fun coming to your arsenal, and some long-requested quality of life features.

Year of the Tiger!

The panthera tigris tigris is the second smallest tiger weighing in at between 100kg and 195kg (221 lb and 430 lb). This small stature makes them fast and nimble. Hunting with patience, timing, and speed, they usually hide in the thick vegetation, waiting for an opportunity to attack. This mighty beast, a symbol of power and prowess, brings with it the new year. Now you can bring its might and protection with you, as you walk into the nearest bank. Like human fingerprints, a tiger’s stripes are unique to each individual. If you find yourself wandering alone far from civilization in southern China, you might find the very tiger we based this epic weapon charm on. If you do, please ask him to return the three artists we lost while making this update, we do hope they are ok.

King of Beasts Weapon Charm

Exclusive Weapon Set

“What is an Exclusive Set?”, you might ask. It’s a brand new way to modify your weapon. A preset of mods to ensure a great-firing and cool-looking weapon without needing to unlock lots of different mods or spend the time experimenting. An Exclusive Set will perform equally well to what you can achieve by picking out the mods yourself. Unlike doing that, however, an Exclusive Set gives you a quick one-click setup for a gun that will perform well and look good while doing so.

Longbore Exclusive Weapon Set

Quality of Life Updates

Today we bring a long-requested feature and a popular mod to our great modding community. The down counter will indicate how many times you and your fellow (human) heisters can be shot down before going into custody. Each player starts with a small 3 next to their name, indicating they have all their downs left. Each time they get shot down by the cops this number will go down as well. If it goes to 0 you will not enter bleed-out next time you are shot down but go straight into custody. You better find a doctor bag and replenish those downs.

Our second quality of life feature is the motion dot. There are a lot of players out there who may want to play FPS games but can’t or need to heavily limit their time due to motion sickness, sometimes called simulator sickness. Motion sickness is caused when there is a disconnect between the input from your eyes and what your body feels. Essentially your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving and your body says that you are stationary. To help with this problem you can play the game in a brighter room and/or sit further away from the screen. Now you also have the option to turn on a single static point at the middle of the screen. It has been shown that a static element in the foreground helps prevent motion sickness. You can choose a few different sizes and colors to best suit your needs.


And last but not least, we are happy to partner up with SteelSeries to bring their awesome mascot, Lars the Troll, into the game. All you need to do to unlock this mask is head over to the SteelSeries website[] and log in with your SteelSeries account. You can then claim a code to redeem on Steam to unlock the mask.

Lars the Troll Mask

Keep those helmets flying.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 217 Changelog

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