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PAYDAY 2: City of Gold – Mountain Master, A heist upon high

By 2022-03-09PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

The City of Gold campaign is coming to an end, and our favorite heisters find themselves overlooking the city of San Francisco for the finale of this saga of violence and robbery. Alongside the Mountain Master Heist DLC, we also release the Golden Dagger Tailor Pack designed for the heist and on the theme of triads. Check them both out below.

Mountain Master Heist

We find our 4 heisters at the foot of one of the tallest structures in San Francisco. In the penthouse resides Yufu Wang, the leader of the Golden Dagger triad. Shayu has asked us to take him down so she can take over the rule of the triad and wipe the slate clean between them and the Payday gang. However, how you proceed in this mission is up to you. Sneak past the guards in the lobby and make your way quietly up to the penthouse to take Yufu down when he least expects it. Alternatively, go in loud, let him know you are on your way. Come crashing into his private chambers ready for a fight.


Pick up the heist in the Mountain Master DLC[] on Steam today.

Tea Time

The best way to enjoy tea is… dressed. Therefore we introduce a new suit for our lovers of tea and kung-fu out there. In each heist from the City of Gold campaign, there is a tea set that can be looted and secured. Go play all four heists and steal these tea sets. Once you have stolen all these tea sets this awesome outfit will be yours. You will even get four nice variants of this great-looking suit so everyone in the lobby can dress up in their favorite color.

Laohu Dashi Apex, Laohu Dashi Haze, Laohu Dashi Lotus, Laohu Dashi Chi

You do not need to own the heist to complete the achievement and unlock this great suit. However, if you are missing any of the heists and want the pick them up you can find them and other great DLCs on the PAYDAY 2 store page[] on Steam today.

Golder Dagger Tailor Pack

Time to suit up in style. In the Golden Dagger Tailor Pack, you will pick up 2 new kick-ass triad-inspired suits. Dress to impress with the “Master’s Mantle” outfit. Pair it with the "Firescale" or the “Mountain Spikes” gloves and the “Golden Draped Visor” or “Sterling Draped Visor” to really bring home your superiority and menace. If you would rather convey more violence and danger then the “Red Pole” outfit is for you. These suits are equally well suited for a night on the town, a fistfight in the streets, or some good old smash and grab.

”Red Master” suit with the “Firescale” gloves and the “Golden Draped Visor” mask,
“Traditional” suit with the “Crimson Wave Grips” gloves and the “Crimson Striker Helmet” mask,
“Ceremonial” suit with the “Hornet Glow Grips” gloves and the “Hornet Striker Helmet” mask,
“Dark Master” suit, with the "Mountain Spikes" gloves and the “Sterling Draped Visor” mask.

These outfits, gloves, and masks are available in the Golden Dagger Tailor Pack DLC[] on Steam today.

New Dragon Bomber variant

With the last heist in the City of Gold campaign, we now release the fourth and final variant of the “Dragon Bomber” outfit. You and your crew can now dress up in these finest of garments as you take on the Mountain Master himself. The “Dragon Bomber White” is now available for free in the inventory, regardless of whether you own any DLCs or not.

”Dragon Bomber Black”, “Dragon Bomber White”, “Dragon Bomber Red”, and ”Dragon Bomber Contrast”.

Check out more previews of this update and its content on the Golden Dagger Update’s website.[]

Making my way downtown. Sneaking past, guard so fast and I’m a heist-clown.
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