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PAYDAY 2: Update 219.1 Changelog

By 2022-03-10PAYDAY 2
Update 219.1

Build size: 15.5mb

Hello Heisters

Thank you for all the reports and feedback about the heist. We are here to deliver the best possible experience for you and we will continuously work on improving it for you. Below you can find a set of fixes we have prepared so far:

  • Fixed an issue where AI didn’t walk out of the penthouse when fire alarm was triggered
  • Fixed an issue where the Saints & Sinners outfit was removed
  • Fixed an issue where there was no collision behind a mirror shelf
  • Fixed an issue where a waypoint reminder with fire alarm was displaying the wrong area
  • Fixed an issue where guards could spot players through a wall in the electrical wiring room
  • Fixed a visual glitch to a door frame attached to a hidden server room
  • Fixed a visual glitch to a door/wall disappearing inside of a security room
  • Fixed a visual glitch to a missing door in the penthouse area towards the kitchen.
  • Fixed an issue where lamps were visually disappearing around poker table
  • Fixed an issue with a wall where C4 and ECMs could be placed inside of it
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under a staircase railing on the roof.
  • Fixed an issue where a waypoint could get stuck when there was drilling ongoing.
  • Fixed a potential soft-blocker occurring after killing triad boss in stealth
  • Potential fix for boss disappearing in loud combat

If you are experiencing crashes during a boss fight on Mountain Master heist, we encourage you to disable HUD mods which we believe might be the cause of the crash.

Feel free to also report them on our Steam forum or to Community team directly. Our programmers are working on fixing or preventing the crashes. We are also thinking about ways how to avoid these situation in the future.

Keep those helmets flying