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The OVERKILL Partner Program is expanding!

By 2022-04-14PAYDAY 2

Hello heisters.

We’re grateful for the support you’ve shown to our OVERKILL Partner Program since we announced this back in 2020. We have worked closely with our first batch of Partners, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and how we can best continue to work well with each other into the future. We still have ways to go, but we have made enough progress to where we are comfortable expanding the program and inviting more Partners to work with us.

Meet our new OVERKILL Partners


Pippa, French passionate Heister since 2013, making contents on YouTube and helping French Community learn about PAYDAY tips, story and more ! Need Numbers? 18000 Heists, 5000 Hours, 425 Infamies, hundreds of videos… My main goal is to provide up-to-date tutorials for any player looking for any mission on YouTube, and do my best to Keep the large and talented French community enjoying PAYDAY in the future !

Pippa, Braqueur français passioné depuis 2013, vidéaste sur Youtube aidant la communauté française à tout savoir sur PAYDAY au niveau astuces, histoire et plus encore ! Besoin de chiffres? 18000 braquages, 5000 heures de jeu, Infamy 425, des centaines de vidéos… Mon but principal est de tenir ma chaîne avec des tutoriels toujours d’actualité pour n’importe quel joueur cherchant n’importe quelle mission sur Youtube, et faire de mon mieux pour conserver une large communauté française active et talentueuse qui profite de PAYDAY dans le futur !



Hi, I’m Zohan, a Spanish youtuber/streamer who has created PAYDAY 2 content since 2017. I started out loving stealth heists and little by little I discovered that assault is an incredibly fun option to play with my community. Being an Overkill partner means a professional triumph for me, I am very happy to be one. Thank you for the opportunity.
Hola soy Zohan youtuber/streamer español creador de contenido de PAYDAY 2 desde 2017. Empecé amando los heist en sigilo y poco a poco descubrí que el asalto es una opción increíblemente divertida para jugar con mi comunidad. Ser partner de Overkill significa un triunfo profesional para mí, estoy muy contento de serlo. Gracias por la oportunidad.


Hello Heisters! My name is Riki. If you find a Dragan with a chicken mask, maybe that’s me! I am the official Japanese local translator for PAYDAY2, mainly streaming in twitch speed running and heisting. I hope to spread my love towards the game to all the Japanese heisters!

ハイスターの皆様!私「riki7119」はこの度、OVERKILLのパートナープログラムの一員として参加させて頂く事が決定しました。 これまで公式和訳と和訳版広報を一部担当させて頂いておりましたが、私がこのプログラムの一員となる事で、皆様とOVERKILLとがより一層身近な存在となりえるよう願っています。 TwitterやTwitchなどで、是非よき強盗を楽しみましょう!


Unknown Knight

Known as the achievements YouTuber, and is secretly a huge Payday 2 nerd. I aspire to create content full-time; crafting video game strategies and tackling intense game challenges. Pop by on YouTube or Twitch to say hi!


Can I apply to the program too?

As of now, we’re still not ready to accept open applications for OVERKILL Partners. However, we do try to keep up to speed on who you’re all talking about up there for future considerations, so keep those recommendations flowing.

We’re so excited to have our new Partners onboard. Make sure to go follow them to see what they get up to, and keep those helmets flying!

Much love,