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Midland Ranch Heist release delay

By 2022-06-10PAYDAY 2

Texas Heat is coming along, and so far you’ve already gotten a taste of what’s to come through the Southbound Tailor Pack and McShay Weapon Pack. As you may already know, the Midland Bundle also includes the Midland Ranch Heist.

In our original announcement we stated that the heist would be released on the 15th of June. Since then we’ve had to make the tough decision to delay the heist by just about a week, to the 21st of June, in order to take care of a few critical bugs that we’d like to have wrangled before release. Our team has been working incredibly hard on putting this update together, and we want to make sure their work gets to shine the way it deserves.

This delay will give us the time we need to make sure you all have a blast when you first visit the Ranch, with all its secrets. We hope you’ll have patience while we spend this extra time squishing bugs.

See y’all on the 21st instead,