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PAYDAY 2: Tijuana Music Pack

By 2022-08-31PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

We hope you’ve all had great vacations and are well rested, ready for new heisting adventures. As for us? It’s been an eventful few weeks over here at OVERKILL, we’ve celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Working hard on the content for the Lost in Transit Bundle, making weapons, building the heist and putting together a music DLC! All while getting tempted by new goodies at Gamescom.

Tijuana Music Pack

We made a lot of new music for the Silk Road campaign. We’ve chosen some of our favorites and collected them together into the first music DLC we’ve done in quite a while!
This DLC is part of the Lost in Transit Bundle, it’s available either as part of the bundle or on its own.
The following tracks are included in this package:

  1. Joke’s On You (Breakin’ Feds – Spring Break 2018)
  2. Ojos de Esmeralda (Menu music based on Ojos de Diamante)
  3. Cakewish (PD2 Anniversary 2020)
  4. Heistival (Music for the Balloon Popper event)
  5. It’s Clown Time (Music for the Balloon Popper event)
  6. Today is Payday Too (Christmas 2021 Update)
  7. Underground Lockdown (Henry’s Rock – Spring Break 2018)
  8. Trick of the Trade (Shacklethorne Auction – Spring Break 2018)
  9. Dirt & Dust (Border Crossing – Silk Road)
  10. Bonebreaker (San Martin Bank – Silk Road)
  11. Sucker Punch (Breakfast in Tijuana – Silk Road)
  12. Deadeye (Buluc’s Mansion – Silk Road)
  13. Silk Road Campaign Song
  14. Ojos de Diamante (Mariachi band music for San Martin Bank)

Lost in Transit Bundle

The Tijuana Music Pack is part of the Lost in Transit Bundle. The Bundle also includes the High Octane Tailor Pack (out now!), the McShay Weapon pack 2 (releases Sep 21st) Lost in Transit Heist (releases Oct 12th). Getting the bundle now nets you a hefty 40% discount in advance for getting all of it early, saving you the trouble of waiting for a sale!

US Marshalls roll out

After being introduced in the Midland Ranch Heist, the US Marshall units are being introduced in all other heists. You read that correctly, every heist will now start seeing the US Marshall unit on every difficulty between Normal and Death Sentence. Heists taking place outside of the US will have their own model not affiliated with any US groups.

Día de los Muertos outfit

Outfit items: The Pistolero Muerto Suit, The Pallbearer Gloves, The Telaraña Mask

Weapon skin: The Heist in Peace.
Weapon charms: Ladrón de Pollos, Husuda Granada

I guess it’s time to face the music!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 227 Changelog

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