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The 9 year anniversary comes to an end

By 2022-08-24PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters

And so, the 9 year anniversary celebration comes to an end. We hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed watching you work together to feed the pig to excess. The effort you guys put in, the jokes and videos, you guys make it all worth it. Even to the point of inspiring us to create two stretch goals and even extending the event.

The original plan was for the event items to be unlockable only during the event, but we heard your feedback and are adding a side-job that lets anyone who couldn’t participate unlock the items later. The side-job will prove more difficult than if you had participated in the event, but the piggy demands sacrifices in lieu of food.

Due to its popularity during the event, we decided to immortalize the golden piggy as a weapon charm, available for everyone.

Those piggies have been fed!
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Update 226 Changelog

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