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PAYDAY 2: Lost in Transit Bundle – The Lost in Transit heist

By 2022-10-25PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

Good orange month to you heisters! And a happy spring to the southern-hemisphere crooks out there. Despite getting closer to the end of the year, we’re not done yet. Coming right out of celebrating 11 years since the release of PAYDAY: The Heist, we move on from old to new with the release of the Lost in Transit heist!

The Lost in Transit heist

The crew has been tasked by their new Texas accomplices with getting their hands on a shipment of printing plates being transported by high-security trains. While our heisters are no strangers to train robbery while in movement, this time we’ll try to stop the trains while they’re still at the station.

We hope to see you in playing the new heist!

Marshal Shield

While we’ve certainly enjoyed our time in Texas, they have not liked having us. We tread on their pride once too many and now they’re bringing forth new forces against us.
The Marshal Shield units have, not entirely surprisingly, shields. These high-tech shields are equipped with flashers able to blind any foe brave or foolish enough to face them. This does not come entirely without downsides though as a diligent heister can destroy the shields, revealing the soft highly shootable Marshal beneath. Even if you manage to de-shield this new threat however, don’t feel safe yet – as that’s when they bring out the big guns, literally.

Twitch Drops

Not only are you getting a new heist and new enemies, we’ve upped the ante with some new Twitch drops. A classic outfit to make you fit in at the train yard you’re about to absolutely destroy.

The drops are available to anyone that has a Starbreeze Account linked to Steam and Twitch, check it out here[]

Accessibility Options

Lastly, we’ve added options for those of you who’d like to protect your hearing in Disable Tinnitus Ringing Effect under accessibility options. Additionally now that we added more flashes to the game, you can turn those flashes dark instead of bright white also under accessibility > Screen Flash Color. This’ll help you not hit your toes on everything after a session of late-night heisting.

This release continues the Texas Heat campaign and rounds off the Lost in Transit story. If you haven’t already the Lost in Transit bundle contains 4 DLC at a huge up-front discount.

If, on the other hand, you prefer your DLCs on their own, you can pick up the Lost in Transit heist as a single.

Update size 289.2 MB

Keep those helmets flying!
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