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Halloween Twitch Drop Issue

By 2022-11-02PAYDAY 2

Hello heisters.

Earlier this week we were excited to share our Halloween celebration this year with all of you, via a Halloween themed stream on several platforms. One of the main features of this stream was that we offered Drops on Twitch, for ingame outfits matching the outfits of our stream stars for the evening. We’re incredibly honored to see the excitement you all showed us for our evening look.

However, shortly after the festivities died down we noticed a problem; A lot of you reported that you were unable to find the Haunted outfit ingame after claiming the Drop. When we started the investigation, we quickly found an issue with the way this particular outfit was named on the Twitch campaign side, so it didn’t award correctly for most of you despite filling the conditions. We’re not able to fix this without restarting the Twitch campaign. Instead of this, we have decided to award the outfit to all players with a Starbreeze account. All you need to do to receive the outfit is to launch the game, with your account connected, before the end of the Twitch Drop campaign.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this. We hope you now will still enjoy dressing up as our banshee, and keep watching PAYDAY 2 on Twitch to earn the remaining Twitch Drops.

Keep those helmets flying!

Much love,