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PAYDAY 2: Street Smart & Hostile Takeover Bundle

By 2022-11-16PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

Coming out of a content packed October, the end of the year is drawing near at frightening speed, yet we’ve worked hard to make sure you get at least one more piece of PAYDAY before the new year!
So today, we embark on another adventure in Texas with the Street Smart Tailor Pack as we work our way up to another heist, and a new Bundle is introduced. Make sure you check out the new content if you feel like you’re staring into that wardrobe not knowing what to put on. Check out the bundle if you want to save a buck and get the next couple of DLCs in your pocket.

Story Recap

Gun runner Gemma McShay invited us to Texas to pull a heist on her biggest rival, and to find info on who’s pulling his strings.

While she combed our intel, we launched a train robbery for the ages to liberate some valuable printing plates on their way to a mint facility.

Now, our journey takes an unexpected turn to an oil company’s headquarters in Dallas. We’ve discovered who was bankrolling Midland Ranch, and a new ally wants to take her down. Time for a little corporate espionage!

Street Smart Tailor Pack

The term Street Smart refers not only to having the knowledge and resourcefulness to survive in an urban environment, but now also looking absolutely smashing in PAYDAY 2!

This Tailor Pack contains 3 unique outfits each coming with 4 varieties in addition to 3 masks, each with 2 varieties. The Street Smart Tailor Pack is available now for $2.99 or as part of the Hostile Takeover Bundle.

Hostile Takeover Bundle

This Bundle works just like the recently finished Lost in Transit bundle did. We’ve bundled the upcoming content pieces and set them at a hefty discount up-front.

First up in the bundle is the Street Smart Tailor Pack, containing 3 outfits with a total of 12 variations as well as 3 amazing masks each in two varieties. Next up is the McShay Mod Pack followed by the McShay Weapon Pack 3 after which the bundle is completed by the release of the Hostile Takeover Heist.

New Accessibility Options

In our last update, we included the option to change the color of flashbangs from bright white, to a more gentle black for those of you heisters who prefer a darker environment.
We’ve expanded on this option a bit and you can now choose white, light gray, dark gray or black. You can even choose to remove the damage flash color effect entirely should you prefer that.
We also split the option into 3, screen flash color, damage flash color and blur zone flash color.
Screen flash color is flashbangs or similar effects.
Damage flash color is the color at the edges of your screen when you take damage.
Blur Zone flash color is the screen color effect whenever you’re in an area of worsened vision, such as near smoke or explosions.

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