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PAYDAY 2: Hostile Takeover Heist

By 2023-02-22PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

We started off this journey last year with the Street Smart Tailor Pack in November, followed by the McShay Mod Pack in December. Lastly, lightening up the otherwise cold and dark February, we got not only the McShay Mod Pack but are now also getting the Hostile Takeover Heist.

This newest heist focuses on putting choice in the hands of the heister. Each objective can be started independently and done in whatever order you find most efficient, the order you chose might even affect events elsewhere in the heist. So after getting familiar with the heist and getting to know the objectives, try to experiment and see what you can make happen!
If you’re confident in the abilities of your team and you are enviably unafraid of Cloakers, you can even do several objectives at once.

These unique new mechanics makes the Hostile Takeover heist stand out among its peers, as if that wasn’t enough, this heist has one of what could be the most epic entry method in PAYDAY history.

We look forward to seeing you on CrimeNet!

Texas Heat Recap

Gun runner Gemma McShay invited us to Texas and directed the Gang to the Midland Ranch in order to find intel to use against her biggest rival, and get away with some powerful new weaponry.

While Gemma combed through the intel, we raided a train yard in order to liberate some valuable printing plates on their way to a mint facility. Completing the Lost in Transit finally gained us the trust of the man behind our Texas misadventures.

Hostile Takeover Heist

We’re introduced to Gemma’s employer, Blaine Keegan. Now armed with the knowledge we gained from the Midland Ranch, Keegan sends us to strike a blow at his main opposition, CEO of SERA Inc, Alice Rainey. Keegan sends us to her company’s main office and tasks us to find dirt on her shady dealings. In addition, we’re tasked with stealing a green energy prototype, the loss of which will strike a critical blow to SERA Inc.

The choices are in your hands on how to tackle this heist. Completing different objectives in different order will create various effects around the heist, such as electrifying areas, causing walls to be blown up and much more. Play the heist and discover what you can make happen!

US Marshal Shields join the fight

The US Marshals Shields have decided to go on the hunt after our recent actions in Texas. From now on, you’ll be seeing Marshal Shield units outside of the Texas heists.
If you’re unfamiliar with the units, they carry a lighter version of the ballistic shield you’re already experienced with. Unlike the regular shields, the Marshal shields are equipped with high-intensity flashlights, capable of blinding anyone standing in front of them. In exchange for that advantage, these shields are breakable if you put enough shots in them. Just because their shields get broken don’t mean that these guys just give up though! Marshals will swap to their secondary weapon, able to fire concussive rounds at anyone standing against them.

Twitch Drops

For all those of you that like freebies, we got you! We’re dropping 3 new items through Twitch Drops alongside the heist release.
The drops will be available for anyone who has a connected account and streams PAYDAY 2 between today and March 1st.

For those who don’t know how it works, the short description is to connect your Starbreeze Nebula account to your Twitch account, then watch any participating streamer, the items drop each 20 minutes, so you’ll have the full outfit with all 3 items in just an hour!

Still recovering from a serious case of cloaker-foot to the face
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