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PAYDAY 2: The Lawless Tailor Pack & Crude Awakening Bundle

By 2023-03-22PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

Let’s go heisters, three updates in as many months – we’re almost as regular as your other payday at this point!

Thank you for all your feedback from the Hostile Takeover campaign, we love seeing your video’s, comments and reviews. We read as many as we are able and appreciate it all.

Meanwhile, the PAYDAY team has been hard at work creating more PAYDAY for the consumption of its ever-hungry audience. To start showing off, we’re launching the Crude Awakening Bundle and the Lawless Tailor Pack.

We’ve been in Texas for 4 whole Tailor Packs and not a single cowboy outfit? Well that changes now! Finally, you’re able to live the dream of being the quick-draw of the west in grand fashion. Pun intended.
This fabulous set puts you into the shoes of some of our great ancestral heisting inspirations, so grab a revolver and ye-freaking-haw.

The Lawless Tailor Pack contains the following:

  • Wild Bunch
  • Train Robber
  • Jailbreaker
  • Bushwhacker


  • Butch
  • Sam
  • Billy
  • Jesse


  • Gambler
  • Cowpuncher
  • Call Spades
  • Easy Rider

Launching today, the Crude Awakening Bundle begins! As with the previous bundles, we bundle up 4 DLCs at a lowered price, giving you – our most hardened heisters – a discount for picking up the bundle early.

The bundle will contain 4 DLCs including the Tailor Pack released today. The other three DLCs will be released over the course of the next few months and will contain a Weapon Pack, a Music Pack and a Heist.

Linux & VR

The Crude Awakening Bundle, specifically the heist, will not be sold on Linux. This is due to technical issues born from the fact that the Linux and VR versions of PAYDAY are on a separate, and older, branch of PAYDAY 2.
Until we’ve had the chance to investigate the issues we’re facing around the older branches, we’ve set the Crude Awakening Bundle as unavailable for Linux and we’re setting the Heist as not compatible with VR.
As a consequence of the separate branches, there is a risk going forward that Linux and VR players will be unable to matchmake with Windows players until we’ve found a solution.
We’ll update as we get more information on how we’ll proceed.

Weekly Stream

For those of you that haven’t yet tuned in, we’re live on Twitch and YouTube (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday. Feel free to stop by!

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