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PAYDAY 2: Crude Awakening – McShay Weapon Pack 4

By 2023-04-26PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

The streak keeps going! Fourth month of the year brings the fourth update of the year. We’re hard at work on both PAYDAY 2 and more!
Even though April is almost over, we did create a great april fools joke this year as well with the help of TheRussianBadger and The_Grouse. If you haven’t already gotten one, we recently also announced the PAYDAY business cards. Make sure to check them out if you’re either a psychopath or a fancy business person!

This time it’s Gemma McShay who has yet another weapon pack available for those seeking to expand their arsenal. The weapons are as exceptional as we’ve come to expect from Gemma, for more detailed descriptions and a beautiful 3D view of each weapon, check out the website.

Crude Awakening Bundle

Having launched last month with the Lawless Tailor Pack, the Crude Awakening bundle marches on. The way these bundles work is we bundle up 4 DLCs at a lowered price, giving you – our most dedicated heisters – a discount for picking up the bundle early.

The bundle will contain 4 DLCs including the already released Lawless Tailor Pack and the Weapon Pack released today. The remaining two DLCs will be released over the course of the next few months and will consist of a Music Pack and a Heist.

As mentioned in the previous update, this bundle is not available to Linux users. The individual DLC will be available, but the bundle will not due to the fact we are not certain whether or not it will function properly for Linux.

McShay Weapon Pack 4

In this latest shipment from Gemma McShay she provides 3 powerful and unique weapons.
The Deimos is a versatile shotgun able to swap between high fire rate and high power depending on whatever the situation needs.
The Amaroq 900 sniper is a powerhouse and an excellent choice for anyone either at long range or peeking corners nearby.
The Campbell 74 is a brutal LMG able to spit rounds down-range at incredible speeds, when the enemy is too close for comfort, merely swap to the underbarrel flamethrower and burn them toast.

  • The Deimos shotgun comes with 9 unique weapon mods, and an Exclusive Set.
  • The Amaroq 900 comes with 12 unique mods, 1 mod compatible with other sniper rifles and 2 Exclusive Sets, one of which is modeled after the infamous Dragon Lore from CS:GO. The PAYDAY 2 version might be the closest many of us get to owning this absolute treasure! A massive thanks goes out to Valve for letting us use the Dragon Lore skin!
  • The Campbell 74 comes with 7 unique mods and an Exclusive Set.

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