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PAYDAY 2: Update 236 Changelog

By 2023-04-26PAYDAY 2
Update 236 Changelog

Update size: 502.1MB

Heist Fixes

  • Hostile Takeover – Fixed a graphical issue with a prop inside one of the offices.
  • Hostile Takeover – Body bags are now able to be thrown into the water, surrounding the ramp, closest to the guard booth.
  • Hostile Takeover – Fixed a small collision issue, on a doorframe in the lab area, that could impede player movement.
  • Hostile Takeover – Fixed some graphical issues that appeared on the lab staff when in certain animation states.
  • Midland Ranch – Fixed an exploit with the golf cart that allowed the duplication of loot bags.
  • Midland Ranch – Fixed a collision issue that would allow players to leave the playing space.

Weapon & Mods Fixes

  • Increased dot damage for Flamethrower Mk.1 from 30 > 55
  • Increased dot damage for MA-17 Flamethrower from 30 > 42
  • Fixed an issue that caused a broken weapon model to appear on Crew AI, when equipping them with a Rattlesnake Sniper Rifle.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope that made it appear white on AMD GPUs and black on Nvidia GPUs, when Use HQ Weapons was set to OFF.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the 45 Degree Ironsights that caused it to lose textures, from a third person perspective, when Use HQ Weapons is set to OFF.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred when the North Star Sniper Rifle was equipped with both a stock and the exclusive skin.
  • Fixed an issue that caused underbarrel ammo type mods to apply some of their stats to the main weapon, and vice versa.
  • Fixed underbarrel ammo type mods not applying their stats properly, like ammo pickup multipliers.
  • Fixed isses with Cassian Sharp & Elite Sight mod when used on certain weapons.

Shotgun fixes and improvements

  • Updated and optimized shotgun pellet raycast code to be in line with standard weapon raycast code (this also received a few optimizations).
  • Fixed an issue where shotguns that have penetration capabilities and fire multiple pellets would result in unexpected visual behavior, where they only seem to fire one pellet (even though this wasn’t the case).
  • Shotgun pellets can now penetrate glass and some surfaces like other weapons do, and will go through obstacles that previously blocked them (like team AI, converted cops, corpses, popped helmets, etc). Except for HE Rounds, those will still detonate on the first thing they hit regardless.
  • Shotgun pellets will now check for priority over different bodies when multiple land on the same target on different bodies, causing the impact on the one with highest priority, instead of the first one that got hit. This also works in reverse where, if hitting something like an invulnerable body on a turret, or body armor on a heavy swat unit, when no important bodies were hit, non-important bodies will be prioritized.
  • Shields are now only damaged once when hit by multiple pellets, similarly to characters, but full damage is dealt instead of being divided by the amount of pellets.
  • The Close By Ace skill now properly increases the rate of fire of any shotgun as long as it’s firing in single shot and from the hip, as the skill description states.
  • Shotgun pellets won’t cause noise at the end of their raycast when nothing is hit, to be in line with other weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Buckshot 000 and AP Slug ammo mods for the Locomotive 12G and Street Sweeper 12G shotguns had an incorrect description string assigned, stating that the ammo type is harder to find.

General tweaks & fixes

  • VR – Fixed a VR issue that caused the prompt to leave a golf cart, to appear behind the player, in the back of the vehicle.
  • Tweaked the calculations for the player screen concussion effect to not stack as much and last for so long. The Marshal Shield’s shotgun concussion rounds don’t last as long.
  • Players now comment on getting blinded by flashbangs or the Marshal Shield’s flash
  • Updated the Head Games card, of the Copycat deck, with more information.
  • Fixed a Leech rounding error that could make players die when the Leech effect ended, even if they had health remaining/restored
  • Updated the Copy Cat deck’s Armor card text and functionality to give more bonus Armor and increased Armor Recovery rate.
  • Fixed an issue for drop-ins where shields dropped by Marshal Shields didn’t enable physics and could obstruct movement of players
  • Fixed an issue where auto aim didn’t move where the bullet tracer visuals are supposed to go, when the player would’ve missed a shot but auto aim kicked in and redirected it
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Gas Grenades that made them appear white on AMD GPUs and black on NVIDIA GPUs.

    Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues. If you are experiencing any issues with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

    If you are having issues with an unmodded game you can try to verify the integrity of the game files. In the steam library; right click on PAYDAY 2. Select “”Properties”” from the menu. Under the tab “”LOCAL FILES”” select “”VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…””.
    The process may take some time to finish.

    Keep those helmets flying!