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PAYDAY 2: Lost Tape 3 & The Chinatown Music Pack update

By 2023-07-18PAYDAY 2
Hello Heisters!

Middle of the summer, the heat is… too much, heisters are staying home because the masks are too hot, this heat is too darn high!

That doesn’t keep our diligent developers from delivering new updates! So today we’ve got two items of note. Not only is there a new Lost Tape, but we also get the chance to finish the Chinatown Music Pack.

Check out the changelog!

Lost Tape

The crew seem to be gaining enemies behind the scenes. A new Lost Tape has been… unlost? Find it and listen in to find out what might be coming for the Payday Gang.

Check out the Lost Tapes from the bottom of the crimenet menu, if you need any help finding them, our partnered content creators might be able to help out, check them out on Twitch from the link below or search YouTube.

Chinatown Music Pack finished

To finish off the Chinatown Music Pack, we update it with the final two songs Gustavo made for the Texas Heat campaign. The songs being “Texas Heat” and everyone’s favorite, “On The Road”. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the recording of On The Road, here.

Weekly Stream

For those of you that haven’t yet tuned in, we’re live on Twitch and YouTube (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday. Feel free to stop by! Need more PAYDAY? Check out our partnered streamers!

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