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PAYDAY 2: Update 238.2 Changelog

By 2023-07-04PAYDAY 2

PAYDAY 2: Update 238.2 Changelog
Update Size: 26.3 MB

Crude Awakening Heists
  • Fixed some graphical pop-in that would occur when a player looks out of an office window onto the platform where the zipline finishes.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to stand on top of some invisible collision, on the stairs leading up to the oil puzzle.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bloodstains to visually appear on props that were not present in the security room.
  • Fixed a collision issue, near the docking area, that allowed the player’s head to clip through a pipe.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bags to become stuck on a ladder connected to the big yellow crane, just outside the locker room.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the Black Cat and Golden Grin Casino heists when the player attempted to pick up their gear. Along with other similar heists where it randomly could crash.
  • Updated CRIME.NET to display friends’ lobbies first, as a priority, before public lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue where inviting favorite heisters sometimes did nothing on the social hub through steam
  • Fixed some issues with matchmaking that allowed Crime Spree and Holdout lobbies to be displayed under the Heists filter. Consequently, the issue related to this where the player became soft-locked if they used game mode filters, which needed a game restart, was also fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked modded players’ lobbies from being displayed on CRIME.NET.
  • Players now have to click on Apply These Settings, in the filters menu of CRIME.NET, for their chosen server filters to be applied.
  • Brought back the distance filter on CRIME.NET. We are now prioritizing servers hosted closest to you and viewing these first on There are 3 server filters along with this where;
    • “Close” will fetch servers from your country only.
    • “Far” will fetch servers from your region (groups of countries).
    • “Worldwide” will fetch as far as needed anywhere in the world (this is the default option).

Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues. If you are experiencing any problems with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

If you are having issues with an unmodded game you can try to verify the integrity of the game files. In the Steam library; right-click on PAYDAY 2. Select “Properties” from the menu. Under the tab “LOCAL FILES” select “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…”.
The process may take some time to finish.

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